Video Category: Single Port Access Surgery Panel

Single Port Surgery: A Step to NOTES® – Ronan Cahill, M.D.

Single Port Access Surgery Panel citations–1:18 Keyword(s): Augmented Reality, colon cx, colon perf, diverticular abscess, diverticular disease, diverticulitis, end ileostomy, hand-assisted, ICG, infrared, innovation, lap assisted, mastery, minimally invasive approach, NOTES, OCT, sentinel node bx, sigmoidectomy, sigmoidoscope, SILS, single port surgery, single-access, single-port lap total colectomy, surgical management, UC, virtual bx

Single Port Access in Endocrine Surgery: Eduardo Targarona, M.D.

Single Port Access Surgery Panel disclosures–15 sec SPA–41 sec adrenal surgery–2:03 citations–2:58 Keyword(s): adrenal surgery, adrenal tumors, analgesia, axillary access, CORA, endocrine surgery, laparoendoscopic, minimally invasive approach, MIS, multiport, narcotics, retroperitoneal adrenalectomy, SARA, SILS splenectomy, single port access, SPA, spleen, splenic cyst, thyroid disease, thyroid nodules, thyroid resection, video-assisted parathyroidectomy, video-assisted thyroidectomy

Colorectal Surgery with Single Port: Feza Remzi, M.D.

Single Port Access Surgery Panel indications–17 sec intro–38 sec single port laparoscopy–52 sec case report–1:19 video clip–3:26 sigmoid cx–5:59 Keyword(s): BMI, colonoscopy, cosmesis, CRS, diverticulitis, EndoEye, ileostomy, IPAA, NOTES, robot, sigmoid cx, SILS port, single port laparoscopy, single-port colectomy, SPA, TPC, UC, Uni-X instruments

Single Port Access Bariatric Surgery: Marc Bessler, M.D.

Single Port Access Surgery Panel Keyword(s): abdominoplasty, bariatric NOTES, cosmesis, SG, SILS, single incision bariatric surgery

Single Port Access Appendectomy: Elie Chouillard, M.D.

Single Port Access Surgery Panel trends in scarless surgery–28 sec LA–1:39 citation–2:10 material & methods–3:06 video clip–5:18 discuss Keyword(s): acute appendicitis, cosmesis, EndoLoop, laparoscopy, minilparoscopy, NOTES, scarless surgery, single-incision LA, SPA appy, triangulation

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