Video Category: SAGES Response To Healthcare Reform Panel

SAGES Response to Healthcare Reform: Q and A Panel

Panel: Eli Lerner, Md; Matthew Hutter, Md; Frank Opelka, MD; Peter Carmel, MD; L.D. Britt, MD Keyword(s): AMA, ambulatory care, CMS, defensive medicine, EHR, healthcare, healthcare reform, healthy living, MGMA, NSQIP, performance measures, private practice, tort reform

SAGES Response to Healthcare Reform: What the PPACA does for Patient Care

L.D. Britt, MD medical landscape–2:38 healthcare reform–5:05 citation–6:41 Keyword(s): ACS, AMA, EHR, EMR, health literacy, healthcare reform, HPSA, IOM, IT, meaningful use, medical liability, PPACA, private practice, pt care, readmissions, reimbursement, rural hospitals, SGR, tort reform, value based healthcare

SAGES Response to Healthcare Reform: Who pays for Health Care under the ACO system

Peter Carmel, MD Medicare–1:45 SGR–6:25 OCO–10:31 ACO–12:22 ICD-10–16:01 IPAB–18:18 other recent AMA successes–20:36 going forward–21:26 Keyword(s): ACO, ACS, AMA, CBO, CMS, EMR, GDP, healthcare reform, HIPAA, ICD-10, IPAB, Medicare, OCO, reimbursement, SGR, Tricare

SAGES Response to Healthcare Reform: Quality Issues and the ACOs

Introduction: Eli Lerner, MD; Presenter: Frank Opelka, MD disclosures–5:40 payment reform–6:35 QI–7:00 performance measurement–8:00 high value healthcare–8:31 ACS registries focused on outcome–10:57 bundling–14:19 foundation for improvement–16 Keyword(s): ACO, ACS, bundling, CMS, CoC, healthcare, IHI, meaningful use, Medicare, National Priorities Partnership, NSQIP, NTDB, pay for performance, payment reform, performance measurement, PPACA, private insurance, QI, Romney care, […]

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