Video Category: Robotics Symposium: Whats New?

Flexible Robotic Platform for NOTES® or Single Incision Surgery: Bernard Dallemagne, M.D.

Robotics Symposium: What’s New? disclosures–35 sec minimal access surgery–44 sec challenges–1:40 solutions–3:20 flexible endoscopic platform–3:56 anubiscope–5:34 SPA–6:29 citation–8:57 Keyword(s): automation, endoscopic telemanipulation, ergonomics, ESD, flexible endoscopic platform, flexible robotic platform, HVSPS, Intuitive Surgical, MASTER, minimal access surgery, natural orifice transgastric endoscopic wedge hepatic resection, NOTES, Olympus, SPA, Storz anubiscope, transgastric CCX, triangulation, USGI Medical, […]

The EU ARAKNES Robotic System: Sir Alfred Cuschieri, M.D.

Robotics Symposium: What’s New? ARAKNES–31 sec NOTES & SILS–59 sec funding & objectives–2:01 clinical features of platform 1–5:13 intracorporeal robot–8:13 platform 2–11:12 conclusion–13:37 Keyword(s): ARAKNES, da Vinici robot, EU, intracorporeal robot, micro robots, NOTES, robotics, SILS, surgical robotic operating system, tactile feedback

New Applications of Surgical Robot: Richard Satava, M.D.

Robotics Symposium: What’s New? disclosures–34 sec NOTES for bariatric surgery–3:56 MEMS–4:06 lap sewing machine–4:38 cyberknife–6:48 micro robots–9:59 femtosecond laser–11:06 cellular surgery–11:43 exoskeletons–12: Keyword(s): AFM, bariatric surgery, brain machine interface, cellular surgery, cyberknife, da Vinici robot, exoskeleton, femtosecond laser, genetic surgeon, HIFU, image guided surgery, lap sewing machine, MEMS, micro robots, minimally invasive, molecular imaging, NOTES, […]

Augmented Reality and Image Guided Robotic Surgery: Luc Soler, M.D.

Robotics Symposium: What’s New? disclosure–16 sec image guided surgery–33 sec 3D modeling–1:54 surgical planning–2:39 pt specific surgical simulation–3:36 interactive augmented reality–4:07 conclusion–9:06 Keyword(s): 3D modeling, Augmented Reality, image guided surgery, NOTES, pt specific surgery, robot, surgical planning, surgical simulation, virtual navigation

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