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Single Access and Endoluminal Bariatric Surgery: Marc Bessler, M.D.

Bariatric Postgraduate Course: Around the World disclosures–53 sec outline–1:38 scarless surgery–3:10 single incision surgery–3:39 SILS techniques–3:56 single incision instruments–4:15 endoluminal surgery–11:13 GERD–12:10 EsophX–12 Keyword(s): antireflux TIF, cosmesis, EndoCinch, endoluminal bariatric surgery, eNOTES, EsophX, EWL, g-Prox, GERD, GJ anastomosis, LESS, NDO, Nissen fundoplication, NOTES, peroral endoscopic reduction, placebo effect, revisional obesity surgery, ROSE, RYGB, scarless surgery, […]

Metabolic Surgery – What’s it All About: Ricardo V. Cohen, M.D.

Bariatric Postgraduate Course: Around the World citations–1:54 Keyword(s): ADA, AGB, bariatric surgery, BMI, BPD, cytokines, Diabetes Surgery Summit consensus conference, DJB, DS, FDA, GBP, GI surgery, ileal transposition, intestinal gluconeogenesis, intestinal glucose transport, Lapband, LSG, malignant obesity, metabolic surgery, morbidly obese, periop safety, RYGB, T2DM

Complications of Gastric V Bypass: Scott Shikora, M.D.

Bariatric Postgraduate Course: Around the World intro–34 sec GI leaks–2:50 hemorrhage–8:22 SBO–11:57 internal herniation–12:30 video clip–14:07 incisional hernia–15:47 marginal ulcers–16:37 anastomotic strictures–17:03 biliary dis Keyword(s): ABXx, acute cholecystitis, alcohol, amylase, anastomotic strictures, CCX, drainage, endoscopy, ERCP, feeling of doom, gastrografin study, GBP complications, GI leaks, hemorrhage, hypotension, incisional hernia, internal herniation, ischemia, LC, marginal ulcers, […]

Complications of Gastric Sleeve: Antonio Lacy, M.D.

Bariatric Postgraduate Course: Around the World indications for SG–1:30 citations–2:51 http://www.ncbi. Keyword(s): achalasia, bariatric surgery, DS, gastric leaks, glucose metabolism, LRYGB, LSG, morbid obesity, restrictive procedures, sepsis, seromyotomy, SG complications, staging procedure, staple line leak, staple line reinforcement, stenosis, stent, superobesity, T2DM, wound infection

Complications of Gastric Banding (and What I DO with Them): Karl Miller, M.D.

Bariatric Postgraduate Course: Around the World band complications–9 sec algorithm–1:38 GBP after AGB–2:47 citation–7:28 Keyword(s): achalasia, AGB, band erosion, bariatric analysis, BAROS, dismotility disorders, EWL, failed restrictive procedures, gastric band complications, GBP, pouch enlargement, quality control, re-operation, VBG

What to do when a band isn't working? George Fielding M.D.

Bariatric Postgraduate Course: Around the World disclosures–40 sec mechanical failure–4:21 physiological failure–5:40 citations–16:23 Keyword(s): band erosion, band leak, bariatric surgery, BPD, esophageal spasm, HH, LAGB, LSG, morbid obesity, pars flaccida, revisional surgery

What I Do When Gastric Bypass Does Not Work: Michel Gagner, M.D.

Bariatric Postgraduate Course: Around the World surgical strategies for weight regain–31 sec background–1:14 technique–1:54 conversion to distal RYGB–4:56 Keyword(s): AGB, DS, endoluminal therapies, failed GBP, Fobi ring, g-Prox, gastric pouch, GJ anastomosis, GJ stoma revision, jejunal sleeve, long-limb GBP, malabsorption, NOS, peroral endoscopic reduction, Petersens defect, revisional bariatric surgery, RYGB, sclerotherapy, stoma reduction, […]

Bilopancreatic Diversion is the Best Operation for BMI: Simon Biron, M.D.

Bariatric Postgraduate Course: Around the World outline–1:01 citations–1:55 Keyword(s): bariatric surgery, BMI, BPD, enteroinsular axis, EWL, gastric banding, GLP1, MO, NEAT, pregnancy, resting energy expenditure, T2DM, thermogenesis, weight maintenance system

Gastric Bypass is the Best Operation for BMI: Ninh Nguyen, M.D.

Bariatric Postgraduate Course: Around the World disclosures–13 sec optimal bariatric procedure for pt with BMI >50–35 sec citations–1:56 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.go Keyword(s): ASMBS, bariatric surgery, BMI, BPD, BSOE, diabetes, iron deficiency, LAGB, lipid disorders, long-long limb RYGB, LRYGB, M&M, malnutrition, morbidly obese, super morbidly obese, super-super obese, T2DM, weight loss surgery

Why I No Longer Perform Gastric Banding: Jacques Himpens, M.D.

Bariatric Postgraduate Course: Around the World disclosures–20 sec citations–6:15 Keyword(s): band erosion, band intolerance, band slippage, bariatric procedures, bariatric surgery, esophageal dilation, f/u, failure rate, GERD, LAGB, Lapband, LSG, pars flaccida technique, pouch dilation, restrictive procedure, RYGB, weight loss

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