Video Category: Managing Complications And Re-Operations

Video Symposium: Re-Operations After RYGB – When and When?

Re-Operations After RYGB – When and When? Ronald Clements, M.D. disclosures–28 sec Keyword(s): endoscopic dilatation, GJ stricture, ostomy, PPI, RYGB, vagotomy

Video Symposium: Re-Operations on Lap Bands – Why and When?

Re-Operations on Lap Bands – Why and When? Kfir Ben David, M.D. disclosure–10 sec LAGB–16 sec long-term complications–48 sec case presentations–1:40 conclusion–8:19 Keyword(s): band slippage, Bougie, buttressing material, dysphagia, endoscopy, esophageal dysmotility, GEJ, imbrication, LAGB, lap bands, pars flaccida technique, re-operations, reflux, restrictive procedure, SG, stomal obstruction, UGI swallow, weight regain

Video Symposium: Fear During the Routine Lap Chole – The Bile Duct Might Be/Is Injured

Fear During the Routine Lap Chole – The Bile Duct Might Be/Is Injured: Michael Marohn, M.D. steady rate BDI rate–1:08 lessons learned–1:35 danger cues–2:46 IOCs–4:20 the best BDI repair–4:39 best timing of BDI repair–5:56 http://www.ncbi Keyword(s): abscess, BDI, biliary leak, IOC, LC, RNY hepaticojejunostomy, sepsis

Video Symposium: Laparoscopic Control of Hemorrhage – Logical Steps, When to Convert

Laparoscopic Control of Hemorrhage – Logical Steps, When to Convert: Ziad Awad, M.D.. Keyword(s): hemorrhage, Kittner, pt safety

Video Symposium: Laparoscopic Bowel Repair- Help, There’s a Hole in the Bowel!

Laparoscopic Bowel Repair – Help, There’s a Hole in the Bowel! – Daniel Herron, M.D. disclosures–29 sec procedural video–46 sec Keyword(s): absorbable sutures, bowel, complications, MIS, omental patch, reoperations, RYGB

Video Symposium: Thoracoscopic Management of Postoperative Chylothorax

Thoracoscopic Management of Postoperative Chylothorax: Joseph Friedberg, M.D. disclosures–40 sec thoracic duct anatomy–1:23 thoracic duct injury–2:35 tx options–3:11 thoracic duct embolization–3:36 VATS duct ligation–4:16 Q&A session–9:16 Keyword(s): azygous vein, chylothorax, CTSNet, double lumen ET tube, esophagectomy, immunosuppression, induction, lymphangiogram, methylene blue, NG, olive oil, pleurodesis, thoracic duct emobolization, thoracic duct injury, thoracoscopic management, TPN, VATS […]

Video Symposium: Laparoscopic Lysis of Adhesions

Llaparoscopic Lysis of Adhesions: Raymond Onders, M.D. disclosures–34 sec BO–37 sec tricks in lysis of adhesions–1:51 localizing the pathology–2:30 LVHR–3:32 recommendations–5:09 Keyword(s): ABD, finger fracturing, Gortex, hydrodissection, incisional hernia repair, LVHR, lysis of adhesions, perf, SBO, tacks

Video Symposium: Re-operation for Failed Heller Myotomy

Re-operation for Failed Heller Myotomy: William Richards, M.D. achalasia–44 sec esophageal acid exposure–2:55 Dor fundoplication–4:14 eval of symptoms–5:34 manometry–6:36 procedural video–7:35 Keyword(s): achalasia, acid exposure, anesthesiology, aperistalsis, barium swallow, Dor fundoplication, dysphagia, endoscopy, esophageal motility, functional obstruction, GERD, HH, HM, LES, manometry, PPI, psuedo diverticulum, rapid sequence induction, re-operation, regurgitation

Video Symposium: Illustrations of Managing Complications & Reoperations in MIS

Re-Do Anti-Reflux Surgery – Oh, The Troubles That Can Come! – Santiago Horgan, M.D. disclosures–54 sec Keyword(s): hematoma, liver retractor, Nissen fundoplication, re-do antireflux surgery, short gastrics

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