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Military Battlefield Surgery: Hon Ward Casscels, MD; Introduction – Richard M. Satava, M.D.

Live From Afghanistan Session Keyword(s): chaplain, cost-effectiveness, electronic health record, FDA, health care reform, health diplomacy, health education, IRB, military battlefield surgery, military healthcare, psychiatrist, psychological distress, public health, technology, TRICARE

Live from Kandahar: Ron Brisebois, M.D., Canadian Forces

Live From Afghanistan Session Keyword(s): Afghanistan, bronchoscope, Canadian, education, endoscope, endoscopy, gastroscope, general surgery, gunshot wound, humanitarian surgery, IED, laparoscopy, MIS, neurosurgery, pediatrics, penetrating trauma, R3MMU, tertiary care, training

Live from Salerno Afghanistan – Use of MIS and Endoscopy in the Field Hospital: Josh Alley, M.D.

Live From Afghanistan Session case comparisons–3:30 laparoscopy in wartime–5:32 EESC–6:49 acknowledgements–9:15 Q&A session–9:25 Keyword(s): abdominal trauma, appy, deployment, EESC, flex endo, general surgeons, inguinal hernia repair, laparoscopy, mentorship, wartime

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction in War-Injured Patients: Jonathan Pearl, MD

Live From Afghanistan Session options for open ABD management–1:31 ideal solution–3:06 citations–3:42 algorithm–5: Keyword(s): abdominal closure, abdominal wall defects, abdominal wall reconstruction, Afganistan, biologic, bioprosthetic bridge, components separation, hernia defect, Iraq, laparotomy, open abdominal wounds of war, PTFE, Rives-Stoppa, serial closure technique, skin graft, soldiers, underlay, VH, Vicryl mesh, war-injured patients

Introduction: Steven P. Bowers, M.D.

Live From Afghanistan Session Keyword(s): Afganistan

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