Video Category: Incorporating FLS And FES Into Your Residency

Incorporating FLS and FES into your Residency Panel: Requires Support from the Chairs

Carlos Pellegrini, M.D. disclosures–58 sec successful simulation training program–1:42 developing a simulation center–2:26 ISIS–3:21 accreditation–3:40 curriculum driven–5:28 creating a vision–6:22 faculty–9:5 Keyword(s): accreditation, ACS, ASA, central line, faculty, funding, insurance industry, pt safety, residence training, simulation center, simulation program, team training

Incorporating FLS and FES into your Residency Panel: Linking Simulation Training

Melina C. Vassiliou, M.D. overview–1:37 body of evidence–2:04 Keyword(s): bedside training, clinical performance, colonoscopy, FES, flex endo, FLS, GAGES, GI Mentor, LC, simulation training, skills transfer, technical skills, VR simulator

Incorporating FLS and FES into your Residency Panel: How I Plan to Incorporate FES into My Residency

Karen Horvath, M.D. overview–1:08 FES implementation–1:33 wrong reasons to implement FES–3:25 FES components & training goals–6:08 flex endo curriculum–6:15 FES cognitive exam–8:53 FES implementation challeng Keyword(s): ABS, certification, Covidien, credentialing, endoscopic skills, EVATS rotation, FES, flex endo, FLS, GAGES, GI rotation, ISIS, privileging, program directors, residency training program, Simbionix GI Mentor II, simulation center, skills […]

Incorporating FLS and FES into your Residency Panel: Determining Competence in Flexible GI Endoscopy

John Mellinger, M.D. fundamental of privileging & credentialing–55 sec determination of competence–1:54 GI society position statement–5:33 citation–6:43 Keyword(s): ABS, ASGE, colonoscopy, credentialing, endoscopy skills training, ERCP, flex endo, inguinal hernia, mesh repair, PEG, privileging, RRC-S, training program, upper endoscopy

Incorporating FLS and FES into your Residency Panel: Finding the Time and Help

Daniel J. Scott, M.D. disclosures–1:21 goals–1:33 hurdles–2:15 availability of skills labs–5:00 skill acquisition–6:51 Keyword(s): ACS, certification, competency, FLS, proctor, proficiency-based training, resident training, RRC, simulation training, simulators, skills lab, skills lab coach, skills training, surgical education, VR equipment, VR training

Incorporating FLS and FES into your Residency Panel: Establishing Training Objectives

E. Matthew Ritter, M.D. disclosure–1:14 overview–1:18 skills training curriculum–1:43 proficiency based training–6:45 skill limited training–8:20 citation–13:35 citatio Keyword(s): ASE, FLS, peg transfer, proficiency based training, psychomotor skills, simulation, skill limited training, skills training

Incorporating FLS and FES into your Residency Panel: What are Their Roles in Surgical Education?

Gerald M. Fried, M.D. general surgery residency education–1:30 creating GI surgeons–2:22 opportunities for SAGES–5:03 developing proficiency–5:37 FLS & FES–6:47 ACS verification program–9:02 importance of metri Keyword(s): ACS, clinical performance, credentialing, curriculum, FES, flex endoscope, FLS, GAGES, general surgery residency, GI surgery, GOALS, gold standard, laparoscope, laparoscopy, LC, learning curve, metrics, residency education, simulation center, surgical […]

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