Video Category: GERD And Paraesophageal Hernia Session

Transoral Incisioless Fundoplication – TIF Surgical Procedure

The TIF procedure is effective. A first Randomized Clinical Trial, comparing TIF vs PPI’s already confirmed it. A second Randomized Clinical Trial comparing TIF vs SHAM & PPI’s will confirm it soon. More than 15,000 patients were already treted with this technique worldwide. Enjoy the video! Sincerely, Adrian Lobontiu, MD, FACS Keyword(s): EndoGastric Solutions, TIF2

GERD and Paraesophageal Hernia Session: New Developments – TIFF, Torax, and others

Reginald Bell, M.D. disclosures–44 sec GERD tx goals–55 sec PPI use–1:31 Nissen fundoplication–4:37 citation–5:53 new technologies–7:35 transoral fundoplication–7: Keyword(s): Angelchick, barium swallow, dysphagia, erosion, EsophX, FDA, fundoplication, GERD, HH, lap band, magnetic bead LES augmentation, new technologies, PPI, Stretta, TIF

GERD and Paraesophageal Hernia Session: The Hiatal Mesh Question: Pro and Con

Brant Oelschlager, M.D. disclosures–40 sec PEH–1:03 why HHs fail–1:41 high recurrence rates–2:14 http://www.ncbi.nlm. Keyword(s): biologic mesh, dysphagia, erosion, foregut, GEJ, hiatus, LPEHR, obesity, polypropylene, primary repair, PTFE mesh, recurrence rates, reoperation, short esophagus, sliding HH, Surgisis, synthetic mesh, UGI

GERD and Paraesophageal Hernia Session: Working the Patient Up

Christy Dunst, M.D. GERD eval–1:06 pre-op checklist–1:30 pH testing–1:43 MII–3:07 causes of refractory symptoms in PPI therapy–4:27 esophageal motility testing–10:15 IEM–11:06 Nissen contraindicated in acha Keyword(s): achalasia, acid reflux, ARS, barium esophagram, BE, DGE, dysmotility, dysphagia, endoluminal therapies, esophageal dysfunction, esophageal manometry, esophageal motility testing, gastric emptying scintigraphy, gastroparesis, GEJ, GERD, HH, IEM, Linx, MII, […]

GERD and Paraesophageal Hernia Session: GERd Treatment in the Grey Zone

Thomas DeMeester, M.D. disclosures–1:20 erosive esophagitis–2:57 heartburn resolution–3:54 GERD as a chronic disease–6:05 PPIs Keyword(s): acid reflux, acid suppressive therapy, AGA, antireflux surgery, dysphagia, erosive esophagitis, Esomeprazole, esophagectomy, flatulence, GERD, heartburn, HH, HRQL, impedence pH monitoring, Lansoprazole, LES incompetence, LOTUS trial, Nissen fundoplication, PPI, sphincter augmentation device, Torax

GERD and Paraesophageal Hernia Session: Current Trends in Referrals for ARS

Vic Velanovich, M.D. objectives–38 sec changing pattern of ARS–1:17 Keyword(s): acid suppression medication, ARS, C. diff, ENTs, Esomeprazole, esophagitis, FDA, GBP, GERD, HH, LOTUS trial, minimal access surgery, mortality rates, motility lab, Nissen fundoplication, NSAIDs, PEH, pH studies, Plavix, PPIs, pt selection, pulmonologists, QOL, referrals, upper endoscopy

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