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Internal Hemorrhoid

Colonoscopic view of Internal Hemorrhoid. Keyword(s): colonoscopic view, internal hemorrhoid

Surgical Treatment: Indications and Outcome

Presented by Lee Swanstrom, MD indications for esophagectomy–1:05 chemo radiation–3:14 AIM clinical trial–3:49 hypothesis–4:29 advantages–5:03 MIE–5:52 VSE–6:22 Keyword(s): achalasia, adjuvant therapy, Advances in Surgery, AIM clinical trial, Annals of Thoracic Surgery, BE, British Journal of Surgery, chemo-radiation, cryotherapy, dysmotility, EMR, endoscopic ablation, ESD, esophageal adenocarcinoma, esophagectomy, EUS, HGD, host immune response, JACS, LN […]

Endoscopic surveillance, how and how long? | SAGES/JSES Panel

Presented by Jeffrey Marks, MD disclosures–1:21 objectives–1:29 interval for surveillance–1:51 tissue sampling techniques–5:00 non-dysplastic BE–5:58 LGD–7:11 HGD–8:24 alternative approaches–10:08 recommendations–1 Keyword(s): adenocarcinoma, AGA, ASGE, BE, capsule endoscopy, chromoendoscopy, dysphagia, dysplasia, EGD, flow cytometry, GERD, HGD, IM, JSES, LGD, reflux, tissue sampling, upper endoscopy

Classification and imaging in Barretts esophagus | Endoscopic Management of GEJ Disease

Presented by Eric Pauli, MD; Introduction Jeffrey Marks, MD Haruhiro Inoue, MD disclosures–1:28 basics–1:34 diagnostic criteria–3:13 endoscopy–3:46 Keyword(s): acetic acid, AGA, autofluoroescence endoscopy, BE, bx, chromoendoscopy, CLE, dysplasia, endoscope, endoscopic grading system, endoscopist, esophageal adenocarcinoma, gastric carditis, Gastroenterology, GEJ, GIE, HGD, IM, indigo carmine, IR, JSES, Lugols iodine, magnification endoscopy, methylene blue, NBI, […]

SAGES Top 21 Videos: Upper Endoscopy

Dean Mikami, MD disclosures–1:39 indications–1:44 diagnostic–2:23 surveillance–3:01 therapeutic–3:49 pre-procedural planning–5:26 sedation–6:04 upper endoscopy–6:48 components–6:58 set up–7:54 pt Keyword(s): ABXs, achalasia, balloon dilation, Coumadin, EGD, endoscope, Fentanyl, flex sig, fluoroscopy, foreign body, GA, GERD, GI bleeding, H&P, morbid obese, Olympus, OSA, PEG, perf, Plavix, polyps, RYGB, sclerotherapy, sedation, strictures, upper endoscopy, Versed

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Discussion and Endoscopic Clip

Klaus Thaler, M.D. and Debbie Youngelman, M.D. Keyword(s): ablation, balloon dilator, BE, endoscopic resection, endoscopy, foregut disease, foreign body retrieval, fundoplication, GEJ, HGD, laparoscopic fellowship, mucosal tattoo, NOTES, polypectomy, reflux, RFA, snare

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Training of Advanced Surgical Endoscopist

Melina Vassiliou, M.D. citation–1:11 factors to consider–2:11 simulation role in advanced endoscopy training–6:57 GAGES–8: Keyword(s): ABS, advanced endoscopy, advanced surgical endoscopist, ASGE, assessment, clinical outcome measures, colonoscopy, competence, endoscopic surgery, ERCP, fellowship, FES, flex endo, FLS certification, GAGES, GI bleed, GI disease, GI fellows, GI Mentor, GI training, learning curve, MIS, polypectomy, residency […]

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Practice Set Up

John Mellinger, M.D. fundamentals of privileging–1:07 competence–2:57 credentialing–5:26 ASGE guidelines–6:08 GI society position statement–6:40 Keyword(s): AASLD, ABS, ACG, AGA, ASGE, assessment, biliopancreatic endoscopy, colon screening, colonoscopy, credentialing, EGD, endoscopic practice, endoscopic skills, ERCP, esophagectomy, EUS, flex endo, GAGES, gastroenterologist, gastroenterology curriculum, Gastroenterology Leadership Council, GI fellows, learning curve, PEG, privileging, proficiency, program director, recertification, […]

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Endoscopic Treatment of Barretts

Steven R. DeMeester, M.D. disclosures–22 sec BE incidence–30 sec HGD–1:18 issues to consider–2:25 endotherapy candidates–2:44 low risk submucosal invasion–3:31 http://www. Keyword(s): AIM II, BE, cryospray ablation, CSA Medical, depth of invasion, EGD, en-bloc resection, endoscopic resection, endoscopic tx, endotherapy, esophageal adenocarcinoma, esophagectomy, EUS, Halo 360, HGD, IM, intramucosal cx, lap Nissen, LGD, LN metastases, […]

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Discussion

Debbie Youngelman, M.D. Keyword(s): abscess, ASMBS, balloon dilation, bariatric management, BMI, Bougie, colonic anastomotic leaks, diabetes, diverting ileostomy, dysphagia, endoluminal therapies, gas bloat syndrome, GJ leak, guidewire, hiatal defect, LES, liquid diet, minimally invasive, Nissen fundoplication, peritonitis, pt selection, reflux, RFA, SG, staged procedure, stent, Stretta, T2DM, TIF

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