Video Category: Diagnosis & Staging

TOP 14 Part 2: Diagnostic Laparoscopy

Video Author: Kevin Conlon, MD (TOP 21 NOW AVAILABLE AT Keyword(s): ascites, lap staging, LUS, multi-port laparoscopy, pancreatic cx

The Application of 3-Dimensional Imaging in Planning Operative Treatment of Gastrointestinal Stromal

Authors: M. D. Taylor, MD; I. M. George; J. S. Roth, MD GISTs–8 sec presentation–34 sec differential dx–39 sec benign vs malignant–44 sec op management–1:01 radiologic eval–1:20 CVAS–1:47 case presentation–2:23 CT–2:50 conclusion–5:02 a Keyword(s): 3D imaging, benign, CVAS, EGD, EJ, EUS, GEJ, GIST, malignant, minimally invasive

Enhanced Preoperative Planning for Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy via 3-D Image Processing

Authors: MJ Mastrangelo Jr.; GL Adrales; IM George; J Stich; JD Hoskins; WO Witzke; J Garrison; UB Chu; C Weiss; M Nicholls; LC Munch; TD Johnston; KS Reddy; D Ranjan; J Buck; AE Park lap donor nephrectomy–20 sec pre-op CT–1:05 anatomical anomalies–2:06 3-D imaging–2:17 conclusion–7:27 Keyword(s): 3-D image processing, CT angiography, donor nephrectomy, immersive VR

Intraabdominal Tumor Staging by Laparoscopic Ultrasound

Authors: M Birth Keyword(s): CBD, Doppler, gas sterilization, hepatomegaly, intraabdominal tumor staging, LUS, metastasis, pancreatic tumor, plasma sterilization, transgastric

Minimally Invasive Needle Localization Breast Biopsy

Authors: P Hansen; DR Marcus; T Kenyon; LL Swanstrom Keyword(s): digital mammography, GA, minimally invasive, needle localization breast bx, stereotactic

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