Video Author: Schwaitzberg S

S083: Ryan A Chandhoke, BS MS

SS16 COLORECTAL Keyword(s): cost savings, cost-effectiveness, disposable costs, endostapler, hospital reimbursement, LA, Medicare, pricing invoice lists, surgeon behavior

V042: Antonio D Lassaletta, MD

BEST OF VIDEO 3 Keyword(s): foreign body, nonabsorbable tacker, Occams razor TAPP repair, plug & patch repair, polyester mesh, polypropylene plug, recurrent inguinal hernia, transabdominal approach

Adrenal Incidentaloma: Steven Schwaitzberg, M.D.

MIS and Cancer Endocrine/Solid Organ Postgraduate Course Keyword(s): adrenal incidentaloma, dexamethasone supression test, differential dx, plasma-free metanephrines

Utilizing the Degrees of Freedom Inherent in Wrist Articulating Manual Laparoscopic Instruments

Author: Steven D. Schwaitzberg, MD Keyword(s): manual laparoscopic instruments, wrist articulating

Laparoscopic Lumbo-Sacral Discectomy and Interbody Fusion Technique

Authors: Barton L. Sachs, MD, FACS; Steven D. Schwaitzberg, MD, FACS Keyword(s): bone graft, interbody fusion, lumbo-sacral discectomy, Steinman pins

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