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Education of Patients/Physicians About POEM

Presented by Homero Rivas, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) POEM facts–1:48 traditional education–2:06 proposed strategy–3:14 MOOCs–10:26 education about POEM–11:26 Keyword(s): academy, achalasia, activities, advocates, analytics, awareness, awareness creation, blogs, cell phone, cheat sheet, clinic, CME course, committee, community groups, community platform, conferences, confirmation of EGJ, cost, demographic […]

SAGES/ALACE Symposium: Magnetic Surgery

Homero Rivas, M.D. concept of magnetic anchoring system–8:15 1st key limitation of lap surgery–4:52 2nd key limitation of lap surgery–5:09 initial tools–5:26 LC with magnetic retraction–8:28 magnetic retractio Keyword(s): advanced laparoscopic surgery, CVS, enteral nutrition, ERCP, esophageal atresia, feeding tube, fundoplication, gastroscope, GERD, laparoscopy, LC, Magnamosis, magnetic surgery, NGT, NOTES, perc gastrostomy, SAMSEN, SILS


Presented by Melissa S Phillips, MD disclosures–1:00 LC–1:07 single incision surgery–1:35 aim–2:00 method–2:11 SILC vs 4PLC–2:49 procedural details–3:20 endpoints–3:37 pt demographics–3:55 op details–4:23 f/u–4:50 Keyword(s): 4PLC, analgesic use, biliary colic, biliary disease, biliary dyskinesia, choledocholithiasis, cosmesis, Covidien SILS port, CVS, ERCP, GA, gold standard, IOC, learning curve, Marcaine, outpt, PRCT, QOL, SILC, steristrips, umbilical hernia

P021: Jeffrey Marks, MD

Scientific Session Concurrent Sessions: Posters of Distinction Keyword(s): LC, SILS port

P004: Sarah C Oltmann, MD

Scientific Session Concurrent Sessions: Posters of Distinction Keyword(s): scarless surgery, SILS, single incision LGB

Single Incision Lap Chole: Retractable, Operative Strategives, and Safety

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Homero Rivas disclosures–39 sec agenda–44 sec technique–1:00 challenges with SILS–2:10 SILC–2:55 implementing single site surgery in your practice–14:00 innovative opportunities–15:01 Keyword(s): Keith needle, operative strategies, pt selection, reduced port surgery, retraction, robotic platform, safety, SILC

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