Video Author: Prasad L

Extramesorectal Excision (EME) for posterior tumors with threatened circumferential resection margins

Presented by Taha Sheikh at the SS21-A: Friday Exhibit Hall Video Presentations Session – A at the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting on 3/18/2016 Keyword(s): chemoradiation therapy, circumferential resection margins, coccygeus muscle, CRM, CRT, digital rectal exam, DRE, edema, EME, Extramesorectal excision, fascia, mesorectum, MRI, pelvis, piriformis, robotic assistance, sacrum, TME, tumors

V056 Endoscopic Control of Enterocutaneous Fistula by Dual Intussuscepting Stent Technique

V056 ENDOSCOPIC CONTROL OF ENTEROCUTANEOUS FISTULA BY DUAL INTUSSUSCEPTING STENT TECHNIQUE George Melich, MD Ajit Pai, MD, Slawomir J Marecik, MD, Leela M Prasad, MD, John J Park, MD; Lutheran General Hospital Keyword(s): afferent limb, EC fistula, endoscopy, intussuscepting stent technique, loop ileostomy, MAC

Combining All Forces – APR in Obese Male

COMBINING ALL FORCES – APR IN OBESE MALE Jill Motl, MD George Melich, MD, Tareq Kamal, MD, Ajit Pai, John Park, MD, Leela Prasad, Slawomir Marecik, MD; Lutheran General Hospital Keyword(s): anal verge SCC, APR, coccygectomy, dx laparoscopy, hand assist port, modified lithotomy, obese, Pfannenstiehl, robot, TME, Waldeyers fascia

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