Video Author: Ponce J

Intragastric Balloons and Liners: Reshape

Title: Intragastric Balloons and Liners: Reshape Presenter: Jaime Ponce, MD Session: Postgraduate Course: The Skinny on New Weight Loss Techniques AUDITORIUM SAGES 2016 Keyword(s): AE, bezoar, biofilm, comorbidities, diet, EGJ, endoscopic, endoscopy, esophageal perf, EWL, exercise, FDA, gastric ulcer, IGB, incisura, learning curve, methylene blue, REDUCE pivotal trial, snare, stomach

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band

Presented by Jaime Ponce, MD | SAGES 2013 Bariatric Postgraduate Course: What Every Safe Surgeon Needs to Know About Bariatric Surgery disclosures–1:37 perigastric technique–1:39 posterior prolapse–2:13 citations–2:25 Keyword(s): bariatric surgery, CORE classification, cruropexy, esophageal motility, hiatal crural defects, hiatal hernia repair, HTN, LAGB, LECS, lesser sac, PG technique, posterior prolapse, reoperation, RNYGB, T2DM

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