Video Author: Moreno M

Laparo Endoscopic Re-Do Hepaticojejunostomy after Common Bile Duct Injury

LAPARO ENDOSCOPIC RE DO HEPATICOJEJUNOSTOMY AFTER COMMON BILE DUCT INJURY Adolfo Cuendis, MD C Morales, MD2, M Rojano, MD1, M Mucio1, I Aguirre1, F Torres1, Lc Fernandez3; 1Hospital GEA, 2private practice, 3SSA overview–55 sec case–1:23 procedural video–2:00 conclusion–7:47 Q&A session–8:19 Keyword(s): anastomosis, biliary reconstruction, biliary tree, CBDI, cholangitis, extraction balloon, gastroscope, hepaticojejunostomy, IOCs, JJ, MIS, […]

Thoracoscopic And Endoscopic Management Of Esophageal Rupture Due To Calibration Bougie After Roux-e

SAGES 2012 Bonus Video – Jean Vergnaud, MD, Juan Toro, MD, Mauricio Moreno, MD, Jesus Vasquez, MD, Carlos Lopera, MD, Sergio Diaz, MD, Juan Alvarez, MD clinical case–16 sec x-ray–30 sec procedural video–46 sec Keyword(s): Bougie, chest tube, decortication, empyema, endoscopic management, esophageal rupture, GBP, methylene blue, T-tube, thoracoscopic management, thoracoscopy

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