Video Author: Gabrielsen J

Intragastric Endoscopically Guided Pancreatic Cyst-gastrostomy & Necrosectomy

Presented by Ryan D Horsley at the SS07: MIS mixed bag Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Pyloroplasty Revisited: A Highly Effective Treatment for Gastroparesis

PYLOROPLASTY REVISITED A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR GASTROPARESIS Thomas W Shin, MD Piotr Krecioch, MD, James T Dove, Marie Hunsinger, RN, Matthew E Plank, PAC, Jon Gabrielsen, MD, Anthony T Petrick, MD background–24 sec’ design–1:52 results–2:34 Q&A session–3:28 Keyword(s): Botox, diet modification, gastric emptying, gastric pacemaker, gastroparesis, Nissen fundoplication, pyloroplasty

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