Video Author: El-Hayek K

Robot Assisted Repair of Diaphragmatic Hernia

Presented by Matthew L Dong at the SS21-C: Friday Exhibit Hall Video Presentations Session – C at the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting on 3/18/2016 Keyword(s): absorbable tacks, buttress, CT, erosion, foreign body reaction, gastroesophageal reflux, hernia defect, hernia sac, HH, hiatal hernia, laparotomy, mesh, minimally invasive, NF, Nissen fundoplication, optical trocar, paraesophageal hernia, portal HTN, […]

Outcomes of Concomitant Ventral Hernia Repair Performed during Bariatric Surgery

Presented by Gautam Sharma at the SS14: Hernia Potpouri Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Hybrid Laparoscopic-Robotic Management of Type IVa Choledochal Cyst

Hybrid Laparoscopic-Robotic Management of Type IVa Choledochal Cyst in the setting of prior Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Presented by Julietta Chang at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS2 Video 1 Julietta Chang, MD, R. Matthew Walsh, MD, Kevin El-Hayek; Cleveland Clinic Foundation Points of interest: Explanation of choledochal cysts–11 sec Todani classification–38 sec […]

Complete Endoscopic/Transgastric Retrieval of Eroded Gastric Band

Presented by Kevin M El-Hayek, MD, SS08: Videos – Obesity Surgery: V009 background–50 sec pt hx–1:27 pre-op EGD–1:57 procedural video–2:20 post-op UGI–5:39 pt course–5:54 conclusion–6:10 Q&A session–6:43 Keyword(s): band erosion, buckle, EGD, endoscopic retrieval, gastric band, gastrostomy, GT, LAGB, Malecot, PEG, snare, T-fasteners, transgastric retrieval, UGI

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