Video Author: Dotson J

Minimally Invasiveileal Pouch Anal Anastomosis with Rectal Eversion Allows for Equivaleny Outcomes I

MINIMALLY INVASIVEILEAL POUCH ANAL ANASTOMOSIS WITH RECTAL EVERSION ALLOWS FOR EQUIVALENY OUTCOMES IN CONTINENCE LAURA BOOMER, MD VICTORIA PEPPER, MD, JUSTIN HUNTINGTON, MD, KAREN DIEFENBACH, MD, JENNIFER DOTSON, MDBENEDICT NWOMETH, MD UC–23 sec rectal eversion technique–45 sec background–1:06 purpose–1:33 methods–1:43 MIS technique–2:04 inclusion criteria–2:28 results–2:56 limitations–4:26 conclusions–5:02 IPEG–5:23 Q&A session–5:27 Keyword(s): adolescents, childhood, colectomy, […]

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