Video Author: Allen P

ET07: Dennis L Fowler, MD MPH

Emerging Technology Session disclosures–15 sec background–18 sec limitations–52 sec project–1:29 conclusion–7:10 Keyword(s): 2D, 3D, IREP, laparoscopy, NIH, robot, state grant, stereoscopic imaging

Funding – The NIH Can Help with Device Development: Dennis Fowler, M.D.

Device Development Luncheon: From Funding to Freedom to Operate disclosures–32 sec acknowledgements–45 sec funding sources–4:13 state grants–6:58 NIH grants–10:13 summary–15:32 Keyword(s): device development, FOA, funding, grants, investors, NCI, NIBIB, NIH, NYSTAR, PA, patent application, philanthropic organizations, prototype, RFA, SBIR, stereoscopic imaging, STTR, venture capital, Wellcome trust

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