Take Part in the FUSE Beta Test

Surgical energy-based devices are used daily in operating rooms around the world yet surgeons are not

formally trained in their adequate and safe use. In response, SAGES and the Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE) Task Force have created an online FUSE curriculum. If you are not an expert in the devices you use every day, if you wonder if you could do more to promote safety in the operating room, if most of your knowledge of energy-based devices came from industry…then FUSE is for you!

The FUSE educational program includes an interactive web-based multimedia-enhanced didactic curriculum and an online multiple choice certification exam. The program is designed to certify that a successful candidate has knowledge fundamental to the safe use of surgical energy-based devices in the operating room, endoscopic suite and other procedural areas.

The FUSE program includes:

  • Fundamentals of electrosurgery
  • Mechanisms and prevention of adverse events with electrosurgery
  • Monopolar devices
  • Bipolar devices
  • Radiofrequency for soft tissue ablation
  • Endoscopic devices
  • Ultrasonic energy systems
  • Microwave energy systems
  • Energy devices in pediatric surgery
  • Integration of energy systems with other medical devices

We value your input and want you to participate in the beta testing of this curriculum. The beta testing will include self-study of the FUSE online curriculum and the examination. Your participation is completely voluntary, confidential and free!

The testing will take place at the SAGES Annual Meeting in Baltimore and is yet one more compelling reason to attend! The test will be offered on Wednesday, April 17 – Friday, April 19 from 8am – 5pm daily and is open to all MDs and RNFAs with a minimum of one year OR experience.

To register, please email or call Monique Rose in the FUSE office: info@fuseprogram.org or 310.437.0544 x149

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