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The SAGES Video Library has always been one of our website’s signature features. Since 2008, we have been recording videos from our annual meeting and since 2011 we have also allowed our members to donate their own videos to SAGES to help educate their colleagues.  All of our videos are hosted on YouTube as a service to the surgical community and we encourage our community to share our videos far and wide to further our mission of quality surgical education.

But by 2015, we realized that we had so many videos with similar topics that people were having a very hard time finding a specific video or finding a video that suited their needs.  So the SAGES Board of Governors tasked the Communications Committee to bring order from the chaos and overhaul the search and categorization systems for the SAGES Videos.

After a year of effort and watching a lot of videos, we are happy to report the new SAGES Video Library search is now available for all users of the SAGES web site at:

You can now search and filter our videos using the following methods:

  • Keyword Search – Search the “normal” way by entering a keyword or words and the site will attempt to find all videos which match your request.
  • Filter by Pathway – Want to see just Hernia videos? No problem! Our search page allows you to filter the list of videos by topic and allows to browse our collection if you don’t quite know what you are looking for.
  • Filter by Source – You can also filter by the video source, so it is easier to watch a replay from a SAGES Annual Meeting or see that specific FUSE video you missed.
  • Filter by Type Looking for a past President’s Address or a How-To video? We are currently working on adding additional filters by the type of video to help you find things even faster.

And we have barely scratched the surface of the improvements coming to the Video Library Search.  In the coming months, we will be adding timestamps for points of interest to all videos, classify them by difficulty level, add tons of tags and synonyms to the search algorithm and more. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact Jason C. Levine at the SAGES office at

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