SAGES Safety in Cholecystectomy Task Force

The SAGES Safety in Cholecystectomy Task Force, charged with establishing a universal culture of safety in laparoscopic cholecystectomy, has gained immediate momentum. This past January the Surgical Endoscopy Journal published the results of the Delphi survey, initiated in April 2014. The paper “SAGES expert Delphi consensus: critical factors for safe surgical practice in laparoscopic cholecystectomy” served to inform the committee on key domains for training, assessment, and research.

The committee has utilized the findings as a roadmap for the initiative aimed at improving surgical outcomes and patient safety. In its early programmatic stages, the committee has identified 6 strategies surgeons can employ to adopt a universal culture of safety for cholecystectomy and to minimize the risk of bile duct injury.

This summer committee volunteers are developing the initial outlines to the didactic content and assessment questions that will be included in the SAFE Cholecystectomy Program Education Curriculum. Additionally, the committee is working on a pilot project that will help to easily compile videos and pictures for educational purposes.

You may find more information on the SAGES Safe Cholecystectomy Program by visiting the SAGES website:   

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