A Call for SAGES Champions

We are seeking nominations for the new volunteer position of SAGES Champion.  The SAGES Champions Program (SCP) endeavors to enlist one (1) representative from every medical institution to serve as a liaison to SAGES Membership Committee.  Interested persons should submit a one (1) paragraph statement regarding your interest and qualifications for the position.   

Position Description

SAGES Champions will help to develop and enhance positive, productive relationships with each of SAGES member institutions. In conjunction with the institutions themselves, SCP will designate a faculty member from every Department of Surgery to assist in the recruitment and engagement of surgeons, faculty, residents, medical students and health professions in SAGES membership while communicating the particular needs and interests of the institutions to SAGES leadership in order to maximize the benefits and value of SAGES membership engagement.


  • To communicate
      • Distribute official communications including recruitment information to all surgery faculty at the Assistant and Associate Professor, resident and medical student levels at your institution
      • Send reminders regarding abstract and meeting registration guidelines as deadlines approach
      • Bi-annually (twice a year) submit a brief report of activities and suggestions to Membership Committee leadership
  • Be involved
      • Regular attendance at SAGES annual meeting
      • Present an introductory power point presentation to medical students and residents once a year
  • Be proactive
    • Encourage abstract submission
    • Encourage meeting participation for members of your department
    • Encourage colleagues to renew their membership or to join
  • SAGES Champions are encouraged to attend Membership sponsored activities like the Candidate Town Hall reception, Meet the Leadership and other activities


  • The proposed SAGES Champion must be an Active member in good standing

Position term

  • The position will be a 2 year-term
  • SAGES Champions will alert the Membership Committee when he/she changes their institution so a call for nominations can be arranged for the institution

Please complete our online application and include your statement for SAGES Champion below. If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at 310.437.0544 ext 156 or email membership@sages.org

Thank you for your interest in participating in the SAGES Champion Program (SCP) on behalf of your institution.  We appreciate your involvement and value your support.


Kenric Murayama, MD
Chair, Membership Committee

Maria Altieri, MD

Candidate, Subcommittee Chair

Nova Szoka, MD

Candidate, Subcommittee Co Chair

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