SAGES Research Grant Application

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Application Deadline

The application deadline was November 4, 2016 at 5pm Eastern. No changes or additions can be made after this time.

Items you will need to upload

Please read the following terms and conditions before continuing

The items listed below must be typed in single-spaced, 12pt type and combined into ONE PDF document. Please make sure each section in the PDF is clearly labeled. Please review this memorandum developed by the application reviewers regarding additional terms and conditions for completing an acceptable application. Documents that exceed the page limit will not be reviewed.

* Please note that the committee will only fund grants that involve commercially available products.

Statement of Funds

Indicate in a one-paragraph statement if funds for this or related project(s) are pending or on hand through other sources. Give specifics.


Not more than one page outlining the planned research.


Not more than two pages including the problem, its significance, prior or concurrent studies conducted, and any preliminary work the investigator has already completed on this subject.


A statement of not more than one-half page outlining the question to be answered or the premise to be investigated.


Not more than four pages. Include a precise description of the methods of data collection, analysis and research model to be used. Specify the planned number of patients or experiments or observations to be evaluated to prove or disprove the hypothesis with power analysis. (Please see memorandum for additional details. Note: A grant submitted without this information will not be eligible for review.) Methods should be described in sufficient detail to allow peer reviewers to critically appraise their scientific merit.


Please use this work sheet. Total for the grant request may not exceed $30,000 (please note that the budget may vary for strategic research opportunities and special requests for proposals; please follow the budget guidelines that are outlined for these applications). The Research Committee reserves the right to modify the budget. All items listed on the budget must be justified. Unjustified portions of the budget will NOT be funded.


List scientific references if pertinent.

Local/Institution Review Board

IRB approval is required when studies in humans are planned. Animal care committee approval is required for animal studies. Approval in principle is sufficient at the time of the grant application, but documented IRB approval is required prior to funding.

Available Resources

Submit a list of equipment, facilities, personnel and services being provided in conjunction with the grant project, including funding sources for all investigators. Describe animal care facilities if they are to be used for the project. Letters of cooperation may be included if appropriate.

Curriculum Vitae

Submit curriculum vitae for the principal investigator and any co-investigators in up to a 4 page, NIH biosketch format.

Participation in SAGES

Describe all of the investigators' participation in SAGES (committees, meetings, abstract submissions, etc).


Appendices will not be reviewed. Add appendices at your own risk.

Please create all of the above as a single PDF file and upload it when asked during the submission process.