SAGES Patient Outcomes Grant

Grant to develop Quality Measures of Patient Centered Outcomes and Processes of Care for SAGES Patients.

  • $25,000 per year over 2 years.
  • One grant per year. (Renewable for a second year of funding pending first year progress report.)

The mission of SAGES is “to improve the quality of patient care through education, research, innovation and leadership, particularly in minimally invasive gastrointestinal and endoscopic surgery.” To improve quality of care we first need to measure it. Given the volume and baseline risks of the types of procedures performed on SAGES patients, assessing morbidity and mortality alone is not sufficient. Assessing patient centered outcomes and processes of care would be more informative. Currently there is a dearth of such metrics for most general surgery procedures.

This grant was developed to encourage and support the development of quality measures of patient centered outcomes and processes of care. “Patient centered outcomes” is meant to be broad, and could focus on quality of life, functional status, recovery after surgery, freedom from disease/pain/symptoms, patient experience, or other variables. It is expected that results from these studies will be appropriate to attract external funding, or consideration of additional funding through SAGES for dissemination and implementation.

Success would be defined as the development of quality measures that:

  • Are feasible for real world applications without imposing undue data burdens on patients or providers
  • Are sensitive and specific to discriminate the quality of care
  • Reflect the currently unmeasured important factors in the surgical care of SAGES patients.
  • Publication in Surgical Endoscopy, presentation at a SAGES Scientific Session, or other national audience
  • Attainment of follow-up internal or external funding.
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