Requirements and Applications for Allied Health Professional Membership in SAGES

Allied Health Professional membership will be available for eligible nurses, surgical technicians, physician assistants, endoscopy technicians, and other interested allied health personnel. These members shall have no voting privileges nor be eligible for election to office or appointment to the Board. They may, however, be appointed to committees as non voting members.

The requirements for membership are:

  • Active participation in the practice or research of endoscopic or minimally invasive surgery.
  • Letter of Sponsorship from a current Active SAGES member in good standing.
  • Current credentialing by the appropriate State Board or local credentialing body/institution if there is no State Board.

The total number of Allied Health Professional Members shall at no time exceed 10% of the total number of Active Members of the Society.

If you have any questions about membership in SAGES or which category you should apply to, please contact the Membership Department or call (310) 437-0544 x 110.

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