Flexible Endoscopic Surgery and Bariatric Endoscopy Course 2018

This is a unique, hands-on endoscopy course, designed for gastroenterologists, surgical endoscopists, GI and bariatric surgeons, surgical and gastroenterology fellows, and GI nurses. State-of-the-art lectures by leaders in the Field, will cover techniques and cutting-edge advances in GI Endoscopy in both flexible endoscopic surgery and bariatric endoscopy. Topics include primary obesity devices (balloons, sleeves, aspiration therapy, endoscopic suturing), post-bariatric complications, endoscopic suturing, ERCP in the bariatric patient, full-thickness resection, endoscopic submucosal dissection, therapeutic EUS, ablation and more! This 4-day event includes industry and task force meetings, ERCP/EUS Fellows Course, ESD Masters Course and specialty training sessions, followed by state-of-the-art lectures and hands-on demonstrations of flexible endoscopic surgical techniques and devices, wrapping up with state-of-the-art lectures and hands-on demonstrations for bariatric endoscopy.

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