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A Rare Case Presentation of a Symptomatic Omphalomesenteric Cyst in an Adult, 24-year Old Patient, Treated with Laparoscopic Resection.

Shohrat Annaberdyev, MD, Tony Capizzani, MD, Thomas Plesec, MD Cleveland Clinic During normal embryonal development, the omphalomesenteric duct, or vitelline duct serves as a primitive connection between the midgut and the yolk sac. Normally, the omphalomesenteric duct undergoes obliteration during the 5th-9th week of gestation. Failure of obliteration results in a persistent omphalomesenteric duct. Different… Continue Reading

Late onset tuberculous infection of prosthesis following Mesh Rectopexy

Karthikeyan Selvaraju, MS, MRCSEd, Sampath Kumar, MS Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University Abdominal rectopexy is preferred for low risk patients with complete rectal prolapse. Though there is no added advantage of mesh over suture rectopexy, mesh rectopexy has increased risk of infectious complications. We present a rare case of late onset of tuberculous infection of… Continue Reading

Minimally invasive excision of the Rokitansky diverticulum.

Tetsuji Nobuhisa, MD, PhD, Kyouhei Kai, MD, Shizo Sato, MD Department of Surgery, Red Cross Hospital, Himeji, Japan Background: Minimally invasive surgery has arisen in an attempt to lose less blood and have less postoperative pain, fewer and smaller scars, and a faster recovery than a patient would after open surgery. We report a case… Continue Reading

View all SAGES 2013 Abstracts and Posters