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Laparoscopic Enucleation of Benign and Low Grade Hepatic Lesions

Nicholas N Nissen, MD, Vichin C Puri, MD, Vijay G Menon, MD Cedars-Sinai Medical Center INTRODUCTION: Enucleation is a technique which can be applied to benign and low grade lesions of the liver. Ideal lesions that are amenable to enucleation include select neuroendocrine tumors, simple cysts, hemangiomas and focal nodular hyperplasia. The benefits of enucleation… Continue Reading

Laparoscopic treatment of generalized peritonitis caused by perforated appendicitis.

Juan D Hernandez, MD, Anwar Medellin, MD, Maria I Rizo, MD, Fernando Arias, MD, Roosevelt Fajardo, MD, Eduardo Londono, MD, FACS, Ricardo Nassar, MD, Felipe Perdomo, MD, Roberto Rueda, Angela Ospina, Manuel Cadena, MD, FACS Hospital Universitario Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota and Universidad de los Andes Introduction: Peritonitis is one of the most feared… Continue Reading

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) for Cholecystectomy using standard laparoscopic instrumentation: Advantages and benefits of a new surgical technique

Anibal J Rondan, MD, Gabriela E Centurion, MD, Natalia E Bongiovi, MD, Mariano Gimenez, MD, Alberto R Ferreres, MD, FACS Hospital Asociado UBA Dr Carlos A Bocalandro Introduction:Single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) is an area of active research within general surgery. A number of advantages have been proposed including cosmesis, less incisional pain, and the… Continue Reading

View all SAGES 2013 Abstracts and Posters

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