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March 30 – April 2, 2011
San Antonio Convention Center, San Antonio, TX

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How Safe Is Bariatric Surgery?

Prateek K Gupta, MD, Himani Gupta, MD, Xiang Fang, PhD, R. Armour Forse, MD PhD. Creighton University Objectives: The question regarding safety of bariatric surgery persists. While a few studies have compared bariatric surgery to other commonly performed surgeries, a comparison controlling for patient demographics, comorbidities, and lifestyle factors does not exist. The objective of… Continue Reading »

Gaze Training Improves Technical Performance and Resistance to Distractions in Virtual Laparoscopic Surgery

Mark Wilson, Sam Vine, James Brewer, Elizabeth Bright, Rich Masters, John McGrath. University of Exeter OBJECTIVES: The operating room environment is replete with stressors and distractions that increase the attentional demands of what are already complex psychomotor procedures. As the attentional control of novices appears to be particularly disrupted by auditory distractions, helping trainees to… Continue Reading »

Variations in Endoscopic Description of Failed Fundoplications

Arpad Juhasz, MD PhD, Abhishek Sundaram, MBBS MPH, Masato Hoshino, MD, Tommy H Lee, MD, Sumeet K Mittal, MD. Department of Surgery, Creighton University Medical Center Objective: The objective of this study was to compare endoscopic findings reported by community physicians (gastroenterologists and surgeons) with our (a tertiary referral center) findings in patients who underwent… Continue Reading »

View all SAGES 2011 Abstracts and Posters