Variante Strachan a La Manga Gástrica

Ivan Strachan, Bariatric Surgeon, Gianna Ramos, Bariatric Surgeon. CIPLA y Centro Médico Dominico Cubano


Introduction: The sleeve gastrectomy has become one of the most used in the treatment of obesity. The risk of leak and difficult to manage is its most feared complication, also the high incidence of gastroesophageal reflux and hiatal hernia development makes many surgeons still prefer the gastric-bypass. This study aims to demonstrate that the Strachan variant significantly reduces leaks and reflux.
Material and Methods: We performed a prospective descriptive study of the first 100 patients with the technique of Strachan. Our technique is based on a thorough and systematic dissection of the esophageal hiatus. Section of the stomach from 4 cm from the pylorus on 36 F catheter with suture reinforcement of the staple line and pexia the esophageal hiatus.
Results: We operated and followed the first 100 patients with the technique of Strachan. The distribution of patients were 61 females and 39 males. The mean age was 37 years and BMI of 41. Barium upper gastrointestinal series were performed preoperatively after a month and three months after surgery. There were no bleeding complications or leakage and corrected and improved episodes of reflux. No hiatal hernia is presented.
Conclusion: We believe that the variant Strachan to the sleeve gastrectomy is an acceptable option for improving the performance of the gastric sleeve in the treatment of obesity.

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