Treatment of Esophageal Perforation After Heller Myotomy

Martin A Berducci, MD, Jorge Nefa, MD, Pablo A Gomez, MD, Arnoldo Castro, MD, Mario A Masrur, MD, Santiago Horgan, MD, Pablo E Omelanczuk, MD. Hospital Italiano de Mendoza, Argentina.

 Laparoscopic myotomy is today the gold-standard for the treatment of esophagea; achalasia. Post operative esophageal mucosal leaks, can be treated using minimal invasive techniques in selected patients. This video demonstrates that  laparoscopic techniques can be safely used in the treatment of post operative esophageal perforations. Early diagnosis, aggressive treatment and a meticulous lavage and drainage of the abdomen is the  most appropiate management to deal with  this high risk complication.

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