Transvaginal Endoscopic Tubal Sterilization – Case Report

Introduction: Tubal sterilization is one of the most widely used options for female contraception. It can be performed by laparotomy, mini-laparotomy, colpotomy, laparoscopy, and hysteroscopy. In this paper we report the use of the transvaginal endoscopic approach to perform tubal ligation.
Methods and Procedures: The access to the abdomen was obtained by a 1.5-cm colpotomy. The flexible endoscope was introduced into the peritoneal cavity, and carbon dioxide was instilled to get the pneumoperitoneum. Fallopian tubes were identified and electrocauterized with a 40 W coagulation current.
Results: Total procedure time was 45 minutes. A single dose of intravenous dypirone was administered for pain. She was discharged 10 hours after the procedure.
Conclusion: Transvaginal endoscopic tubal ligation is feasible and can be considered an alternative approach to perform female sterilization.

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