Transfer of Basic Skills Between Laparoscopy and Colonoscopy

INTRODUCTION: Skills needed for different image-based procedures appear to vary considerably, even though they often derive from the same underlying abilities. The aim of this study was to investigate the transfer of basic skills between colonoscopy and laparoscopy. METHODS: Twenty-nine medical trainees (no clinical experience in laparoscopy and colonoscopy) were stratified by scores on psychometric ability tests and randomised over two groups. Participants in group A (N=15) trained themselves in flexible endoscope manipulation and navigation to the cecum on the GI Mentor II simulator (colo) (Figure 1). Those in group B (N=14) trained in bimanual tissue manipulation and 30° angled laparoscope navigation on the SimSurgery SEP (lap). Training existed of four sessions (T1-T4)(one per day) within one week. Each session involved a preset sequence of exercises and ended with the same exercise. Prior to T1 and after T4, skills in the opposite technique were assessed (A1&A2). RESULTS: Comparing the two groups, no significant differences in laparoscopy and colonoscopy performance were found in the first sessions (T1-A1) (Mann-Whitney U test). Generally, performance improved per repetition, but often did not improve significantly until T3 (p

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