Totally Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy with Transvaginal Specimen Extraction

We present our technique for totally laparoscopic right colectomy for locally advanced colon cancer with transvaginal specimen extraction. The patient was a 73 year old female who presented with a biopsy proven cecal adenocarcinoma. We performed a right hemicolectomy using a 4 port approach with the patient in modified lithotomy postion. Medial to lateral mobilization and early high ligation of the ileocolic pedicle were perfromed. The resected specimen was placed in a large retrieval bag.
With the patient positioned in modified lithotomy, a posterior culpotomy was made and the specimen removed intact through the vagina. The culpotomy was closed from the vaginal approach. A 60mm stapled side to side anastomosis was created intracorporeally to complete the procedure. The specimen was 52 cm in length and contained a 3.2 cm tumor and 13 lymph nodes. the patient’s pathologic stage was T3N1.

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