Three Port Robotic Right Hemicolectomy: A Systematic Approach to Set Up and Surgery

Robotic Surgery for colonic resections has been the topic of multiple discussions regarding cost, procedure length, safety and efficacy over the past several years. Despite, awareness generated from this research there is a paucity of video data that addresses the proper setup involved for a successful colonic resection utilizing robotic technology.
We describe a systematic approach and rational regarding the operating room setup, including patient and robot positioning. We also discuss the logic behind and port placement for a working three port, right hemicolectomy, (two robotic work ports and only one assistant port) not previously demonstrated.
In addition to emphasizing the importance of adequate setup and port placement, we feel that a maximum benefit is obtained by adequately positioning the patient and obtaining proper exposure of the right colonic mesentery prior to “docking” the robot. This will make hepatic flexure and transverse colon mobilization less challenging and avoid patient repositioning and multiple “dockings” of the robot.
In summary, this video details the tenets that may help ensure success for surgeons who perform robotic right hemicolectomies.

Session: Video Channel

Program Number: V059

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