There Is Best Time to Convert the Lap-band® to Another Kind of Bariatric Surgery.

This video shows a patient who had a LAGB for two years until then obtaining an excellent result. It was necessary the band removal due to an erosion. After this event, the patient had a considerable weight regain. This video presents the performance of a laparoscopic gastric bypass and the difficulties after such a complication.

1) Removal of the liver fibrosis and adherences;
2) Dissection in the small curvature, and followed by section of the stomach with linear stapler;
3) Placement of the orogastric probe to guiding gastric pouch seccion;
4) Vertical division of the stomach with linear stapler until the area previously dissected creating a mini pouch with 30 cc;
5) Opening the epiplon;
6) identified the Treitz angle; we count a jejune distance able enough to perform a gastro jejunum anastomosis with mechanic suture in a pre-colic and isoperistaltic form;
7) We check the biliopancreatic side
8) Identification the jejune ileal transition and performing side by side jejunum-ileum proximal anastomosis with linear stapler;
9) We test with blue of methylene both anastomosis
10) We perform a seccion of the jejunum right to the end of the gastroenteroanastomosis

Session: Podium Presentation

Program Number: V021

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