The Medial Approach to the Splenic Flexure

Christopher M Schlachta, MD, Syed T Ali, MD. CSTAR, London Health Sciences Centre.

This video demonstrates the medial approach to the splenic flexure for when full splenic flexure mobilization is required.

Demonstrated in this video will be following steps:

  1. Identification of the IMV

  2. Creating a window behind the IMV

  3. Bluntly dissecting this tissue plane from the IMA to the pancreas and laterally to the descending colon

  4. Completing lateral mobilization of the decending colon along the line of Tolt

  4. Opening the lesser sack beginning at the mid transvserse colon

  5. Detatching omentum from the distal transverse colon

  6. Dividing distal transverse colon mesentery

  7. Dividing IMV

Once learned, this approach actually makes laparoscopic mobilization of the splenic flexure a more straightforward task than even open surgery.

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