The expression of Msp58 is up-regulatedin gastric carcinomas and contributes to a poor prognosis of the neoplasms

Jianxin Cui, Dr, Hongqing Xi, Dr, Lin Chen, Prof. Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital.

INTRODUCTION: To explore the expression levelof Msp58 in gastric carcinomas and tumor cells, and to find any correlation between it and clinicopathologic features of the patients and between it and the growth of gastric tumor cells.

METHODS AND PROCEDURES: The detection of the expression of Msp58 were gone through immunohistochemistry in 268 cases of gastric tumor paraffin-embedded specimens, western blot in 30 pairs of fresh frozen specimens and 3 cell lines. Flow cytometric analysis and MTT was performed in a certain cell line. Statistical analysis of clinicopathologic features was done by SPSS 17.0.

RESULTS: The expression of Msp58 showed a positativecorrelation with tumor size (p<0.05), site of the tumor (p<0.05), TNM stage (p<0.05), metastasis (p<0.05) and prognosis (p<0.05). The Msp58positive-expressing cells sorted by FCM grow significantly faster than the others (p<0.05).

CONCLUSIONS: Msp58 expression was up-regulated in gastric carcinomas and correlated with the malignancy of the carcinomas in human body, such as metastasis, poor-prognosis, etc. The same effects were also conformed in gastric tumor cells.

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