The Black Liver Case

Sergio Rojas-ortega, MD, Emina Pasic, MD, Rachid Cesin, MD, Gerardo Reed, MD. Hospital Angeles Puebla

25 y.o. female presenting with jaundice and right upper cuadrant abdominal pain. Liver function test with direct hyperbilirubinaemia and normal enzymes. (BD 2.5mg / dl, BI 0.7 mg / dl, AST 75 u., ALT 65 u., Alk P 80 u.) Ultrasound with microlithiasis and acute cholecystitis. During laparoscopy we found a "black liver" and performed cholangiography, cholecystectomy and liver biopsy.


Hereditary Hiperbilirubinaemia: DUBIN – JOHNSON Syndrome

PHOTOS: 1.- BLACK LIVER during Laparoscopy

2.- LIVER BIOPSY microphotograph


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