Testing Construct Validity for a Virtual Reality Colonoscopy Simulator: Module Matters

Background: The use of simulation for competency assessment requires validation of the simulation’s performance metrics. This study was designed to assess whether the Simbionix GI Mentor II® virtual reality simulator metrics could differentiate endoscopists with varying clinical experience using modules of increasing clinical complexity (known-groups construct validity). Methods: 20 subjects were classified into two groups based on self-reported clinical experience with GI endoscopy (novice, 50 scopes, n=8). Three VR colonoscopy simulation modules of increasing difficulty were assessed (modules I-1, II-2, I-7). The data reported by the simulator after each module (time to cecum(min), number of occasions of lost view of lumen, number of occasions of excessive pressure, % of mucosa visualized ,% of time with clear view, % of time patient in pain, total time colon was looped (sec) and overall efficiency(%)) were compared using Students t-test. Data expressed as mean(SD), p

Session: Podium Presentation

Program Number: S015

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