Subsurface Tissue Magnetisation for Mucosal Dissection

Objective: To provide a means of magnetically manipulating mucosal tissue to overcome some of the problems inherent in existing grasping instruments; to overcome the problems of our previously-reported glued medium approach and to simultaneously provide means of inducing hyperthermia in the target tissue.
Method: Media consisting of stainless steel SS410 microparticles (average size 20 microns) suspended in solution were prepared and injected submucosally into harvested porcine stomachs. A tissue manipulating instrument, consisting of a small rare-earth magnet mounted on a wand was then used to retract the mucosa to permit dissection tasks to be performed. The characteristics of the media, the suspension fluid and the magnets were then investigated to ensure that the maximal retraction force could be delivered reliably and that the media could be delivered without difficulty. A comparison between microparticles and nanoparticles for surgical retraction purposes was also performed.
Results: The optimal magnet size, particle concentration and medium volume were identified. A small dose of the magnetic medium (

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