Small skin incision dose not have any beneficial effect on cytokine expression in malnourished rats after laparotomy

Background and Objectives: Small skin incision, like laparoscopic surgery had been reported that it was better on pain, inflammatory responses and duration of hospital stay compared to conventional open laparotomy, however, we have a little evidence for beneficial effect on laparoscopic surgery in malnourished patients. The aims of this study were to asses whether small skin incision could have any beneficial effect on cytokine expression in malnourished rats.
Methods: Rats were divided into two groups, first group was supplemented with 200 kcal of rat chow diet and second group was supplemented with 60 kcal of rat chow diet. Each group was treated for 5 days and further divided into two group, large laparotomy (5cm) and small laparotomy (1cm). Three hours after laparotomy, blood and liver was harvested. Plasma cytokine levels were measured by ELISA and cytokine mRNA levels in the liver were determined by real time RT-PCR. One-way ANOVA followed by Fisherfs PLSD test was employed for statistical analysis. Significance was accepted at Pƒ0.05. Data are expressed as mean}SEM.
Result: Significant body weight loss (-20%) was observed in malnourished rats. IL-1b was significantly increased after laparotomy in each group. Interestingly, malnourished rats showed significant lower plasma IL-1b level (85}39 vs 11}9 pg/ml, p

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