Single Port vs Standard Laparoscopic Right Colectomy: results of a case match study on 100 patients

Luigi Boni, MD, FACS, Sebastiano Spampatti, MD, Elisa Cassinotti, MD, Giulia David, MD, Alessandro Marzorati, MD, Stefano Rausei, MD

Minimally Invasive Surgery Center ,University of Insubria

The aim of this study is to compare retrospectively results from a consecutive series of 50 cases of single port right colectomies with 50 cases of standard laparoscopic right colectomies.

Fifty patients who underwent single port (SP) laparoscopic right colectomy, either for benign polyps not suitable for endoscopic resection or malignant tumors, were retrospectively compared with 50 cases of standard multiple port (MP) laparoscopic right colectomy. Fisher’s exact test (non-parametric test for qualitative data) or Mann-Whitney test (non-parametric test for quantitative data) were used.

Perioperative outcomes were not significantly different in the two groups and in particular operative times were comparable. However, in the SP group there was a significant reduction in the proportion of patients (4% vs 26%) who needed transfusion of blood components. The mean number of lymph nodes retrieved in the surgical specimen was very similar, 26 for SP and 27 MP. SP group a more rapid recovery of bowel function, with a faster return to a solid diet (on second postoperative day vs on fourth postoperative day, p-value < 0.0001) and a shorter hospital stay (6 days vs 8 days, p-value < 0.0001).

The single port laparoscopic approach was not inferior to the other one with respect to oncological and short-term outcomes. Moreover, it was associated with a reduction in the proportion of patients needing transfusion of blood components, a more rapid return to a solid diet and a shorter hospital stay.

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Program Number: P042

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