Single Port Cholecystectomy: A Standard Technique

Michael Kia, DO, Christine Lee. Michigan State University, Mclaren Regional Med Ctr, Genesys Regional Med Ctr

The video is a description of a novel technique in single port surgery. Using a four port single access trocar system, a methodology for single port cholecystectomy is described. The procedure is performed through a pre-measured 15mm fascial defect. The surgeon holds the camera in their left hand and the working instruments are used in the right hand. The fundal retractor and infundibulum are held by the assistant. No crossing of hands or instrument interference is encountered with this technique. Using three working instruments allows for proper exposure and retraction of the gallbladder with the ability for both medial and lateral movement of the infundibulum. By maintaining the standards of laparoscopy for the performance of the cholecystectomy, complete visualization of the critical view is performed. This ensures patient safety while maintaining ease of performance for the surgeon.

Session: VidTV3
Program Number: V103

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