Single Incision Transumbilical Gastric Banding with Intracorporeal Liver Retraction Hooks

Thomas B Roshek III, MD, Daniel J Scott, MD FACS. UT Southwestern Medical Center

This video shows our technique for placing a single incision gastric band and primary repair of a hiatal hernia. One extra long 12mm port and two 5mm ports are placed through a single transumbilical incision. We used double armed retraction hooks to elevate the liver and provide exposure to the angle of His. A reticulating grasper is used to create the retrogastric tunnel. The band is placed in the standard pars flaccida technique with three anterior gastro-gastric plication stitches and one vertically oriented anti-slippage suture below the band. The port is placed within our transumbilical incision abutting the abdominal fascia using a polypropylene mesh.

This procedure has proven to be technically difficult but feasible. It has provided good results along with patient and surgeon satisfaction. Patients enjoy the excellent cosmesis of a single transumbilical incision with similar post-operative recovery. There have been no complications. Further advancements in instrumentation will facilitate feasibility of single incision gastric banding.

Session: VidTV1
Program Number: V058

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