Single incision laparoscopic liver resection: safety, feasibility and the role of stapler technique in parenchymal resection

Hong Yu, Shuodong Wu, Xiaopeng Yu, Diaobo Yao. Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University

Introduction: Single incision laparoscopic hepatectomy (SILH) has rarely been reported due to the technical challenge of liver parenchymal resection and the risk of bleeding. Stapler technique of parenchymal resection, which has been successfully performed in conventional laparoscopic hepatectomy, has not been evaluated in SILH. 

Method Data on SILH from January 2010 to December 2013 were extracted and analyzed. Surgical procedure, operating time, blood loss, hospital stay, and cost were analyzed. The data of single incision left lateral sectionectomy (SILLS) with different techniques of parenchymal resection were compared.

Results A total of 33 SILH were analyzed. The mean operating time was 128 min and the intraoperative blood loss was 203 ml with the hospital stay 8.8 d. For SILLH with different techniques of parenchymal resection (energy device vs stapler), the operating time and blood loss in stapler group was significantly less than those in energy devices group.

Conclusions SILH is safe and feasible in selected patients. Stapler technique is more favorable in SILH for resection of liver parenchyma compared with energy device. More clinical studies are needed to further evaluate the role of stapler technique in SILH.

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