Single Incision Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery: A Preliminary Experience

Background: Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) is a major conceptual change in the field of modern surgery. However, corresponding technological refinements are yet to be available in order to fill the gap separating the nowadays laparoscopy from the NOTES of tomorrow. Meanwhile, “hybrid” NOTES techniques and single port procedures have been increasingly reported. In this prospective study, we describe our preliminary experience in colorectal surgery using hybrid NOTES techniques or Single Port surgery.
Material and Methods: Hybrid NOTES procedures using the vagina or the rectum as well Single Port procedures in patients with colorectal disorders, either malignant or benign, were included in a prospective database.
Results: Eleven women and 6 men were included in the study. Mean age was 48 years (range, 18-78). The procedures included left colonic resection (6), right colonic resection (4), transverse colon resection (2), rectopexy (2) and miscellaneous (3). The mean operative time was 139 minutes (90-610). There was no mortality. The post-operative rate of complications was 12 % (3 complications in 3 patients). The median length of hospital stay was 4 days (2-11).
Conclusion: Hybrid NOTES and Single Incision colorectal procedures are safe and feasible in selected patients. Technical refinements and accomplished learning will probably enable its wider use in more patients.

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