Single Incision Cholecystectomy With Needlescopic Infundibular Retraction; Initial Experience

Kee-hwan Kim, MD PhD, Young-kyung You, MD PhD, Chang-hyeok An, MD PhD, Jeong-soo Kim, MD PhD, Il-young Park, MD PhD, Dong-gu Kim, MD PhD. Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital, Uijeongbu, Korea


Introduction: Single incision LC has been reported to be safe and feasible in various clinical experiences. But limited retraction has been an obstacle in the advancement of pure single incision cholecystectomy. Adequate retraction is necessary to perform a safe cholecystectomy. We reviewed the results of a single instituition with respect of single incision cholecystectomy with a single 2mm needlescopic instrument for retraction of gallbladder infundibulum to aid in obtaining a critical view of safety.
Methods and Procedures: From October 2010 to Sep 2011, 85 patients with a mean age 45,3 years (range 14 to 76) were identified. Single port device was placed through umbilicus. A(2mm) needlescopic retractor was placed in the right flank region directly through the abdominal wall for retraction of the gallbladder infundibulum in an anterior and cephalad direction.
Results: Patient all had a pathologic diagnosis of acute and chronic cholecystitis. ASA class averaged 1.62 (range 1 to 2). Operative times averaged 46.2minutes (range 28 to 86 minutes). Postoperative hospital stays averaged 2.4 days.
Conclusions: Operative times and incidence of complications for Single incision cholecystectomy with a single needlescopic instrument are within acceptable range and safe for both acute and chronic gallbladder disease. Thus, it can be recommended as a safe alternative procedure in elective LC


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