Single Incision Access Cholecystectomy Vs Laparoscopic

Single Port Access Cholecystectomy vs. Laparoscopic

Introduction ; SPA or LESS or SILS became demanding for the excellent cosmetic results as minimaly invassive procedure in the surgical field . we have started cholecystectomy by SILS port in May 2009 for cholecystectomy and bariatric surgery for sleeve and banding.

Method ; 23 patients without acute cholecystitis and not thickened GB wall were selected using the SILS port through the umbilicus making an incision in the upper part inside the umbilicus in semicircular shape then dessecting to reach the fascia where we do a transverse cut . Reaching the peritoneum , a pneumoperitoneum is made and the 12 mm port is inserted in the SILS then in the abdomen making a space to fit the SILS well inside. Operative time, pain , wound infection and hospital stay is calculated comparing the results with our normal lap aroscopic cholecystectomies.

Results: SILS cholecystectomy is more painful procedure 5/10 vs 3/10 in normal laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Operative time is slightly more , 83 min compared with 65 min in the normal lap chole. Hospital stay was the same of 3 days and wound infection is more in the SILS and we have to wait the time if there will be an increment of umblical hernia formatom in the new technique .

Conclusion: the excellent cosmetic results of SILS is demanding as a good method for cholecystectomy in non – complicated cases inspite of the prolonged operative time and the challanging technique which will improve its instruments with the time to facilitate the job.

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