Simulator motion analysis metrics do not add to FLS score in predicting intraoperative laparoscopic performance.

Background: There is interest in the use of simulation for the assessment of laparoscopic skills. We have previously demonstrated good correlation between FLS simulator performance and intraoperative performance. Motion analysis metrics can discriminate between surgeons of different experience levels. We investigated whether the addition of motion analysis to the basic FLS simulator score improved the prediction of intraoperative performance.
Methods: 17 surgeons (12 novice (PGY1-3) and 5 experienced (PGY 4+)) performed the 5 FLS tasks plus a cannulation task in the Pro-MIS simulator. The FLS tasks were scored in the standard fashion, and the ProMIS motion analysis metrics (instrument smoothness and path length) were recorded. Subjects were also assessed intraoperatively using a previously validated global rating scale (GOALS) during dissection of the gallbladder from the liver bed as part of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Linear regression analysis was used to assess the independent contributions of surgical experience, FLS scores and motion analysis metrics to the prediction of intraoperative GOALS score. p

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